Spaghetti with green asparagus and cherry tomatoes

Simple & delicious

The citrusy olive oil, garlic and peperoncino sauce & earthiness of asparagus are pairing perfectly with the spaghetti’s delicate taste.

This simple asparagus and cherry tomatoes pasta is a great dish the whole family will love!

Asparagus is one of those vegetables that doesn’t require much work. The simpler it is prepared, the tastier it is. I usually eat it grilled and drizzled with some olive oil, and lemon juice.
Pasta is my second favorite option.
Oh, and let me tell you how much I love this recipe – it is simple, quick and super delicious! The citrusy olive oil, garlic and peperoncino sauce and delicious earthiness of asparagus are pairing perfectly with the spaghetti’s delicate taste.
The simplicity of the Italian cousins gets me every time!

A green superhero!

This delicious spring vegetable is not only very tasty, it’s also low in calories and packed with nutrients! It is known for being one of the most nutritionally balanced vegetables.
– it is an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, especially folate and vitamins A, C and K, flavonoids and polyphenols
– helps lower blood pressure
– supports the liver function
– strengthen immunity
– have a positive effect on the digestive system

green asparagus

How to prepare asparagus for this pasta recipe?

Green asparagus does not need to be peeled. All you need to do is to get rid of its woody ends. The best way to do that, is to bend the asparagus [as if you want to break it] and the woody tip will snap off in the right place. That natural breaking point can be used as a guide to trim the rest of the spears. Make sure to wash the asparagus before cooking, and dry with a paper towel.

spaghetti with green asparagus

Useful notes and other variations of the recipe.

1. You can prepare the asparagus up to two days in advance. Then only heat it up and combine with cooked pasta. I like spaghetti or linguine the most, but any other pasta shape, also gluten free, will work just as well.
2. Try making this spaghetti recipe using white asparagus. It is more fibrous than green one, so you will need to peel it before cooking.
The easiest way to do this is with an ordinary vegetable peeler. Peel the asparagus from top to bottom, starting under the head. Snap off the woody tip and cut according to the instructions above.
3. Cherry tomatoes can be replaced by one diced tomato or you can skip tomatoes altogether.
4. Before serving, drizzle the pasta with good-quality olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is one of those products that is worth investing in. It is irreplaceable and gives a unique flavor to salads, simple sliced ​​tomatoes [ just add a pinch of salt, pepper and drizzle with balsamic vinegar – another product worth investing in, by the way ], you can dip chopped vegetables or bread in it, drizzle over soups, pizza, bruschetta …

green asparagus pasta

Spaghetti with green asparagus and cherry tomatoes

Servings 2 servings
Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 20 mins


  • 1 bunch asparagus washed and chopped
  • 2 tbsp olive oil more for serving
  • 2 cloves garlic chopped finely or minced
  • ½ lemon more, to taste
  • 1 dried peperoncino or other, favorite chili pepper
  • 10 cherry tomatoes cut in half
  • 2 tbsp parsley finely chopped
  • salt to taste
  • freshly ground pepper to taste
  • 6 / 180 ounces / grams spaghetti or linguine


  • Put the pasta in boiling, well-salted water and cook it al dente
  • At the same time, heat the olive oil in a deep frying pan, add finely chopped or minced garlic, crushed peperoncino and asparagus stalks.
    Season to taste with salt and pepper.
    Reduce the flame and sauté for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally, adding one or two tablespoons of pasta water.
  • Add the asparagus heads, cherry tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice and sauté for additional 3 - 4 minutes.
  • Transfer the cooked pasta along with a few tablespoons of the cooking water to the pan and toss it together with asparagus.
  • Serve immediately, drizzled with good-quality olive oil


Nutritional values per serving:
217 kcal | Carbohydrates 23 g | Protein 9 g | Fat 10 g | Fiber 2.5 g
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Italian
Keyword: cherry tomatoes, easy, lemon, olive oil, pasta, Spaghetti

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