Produce Guide

February Produce Guide

“New Year – New Me” it’s a phrase you may have heard more than once in the past few days. Am I right?
If you have started this year with an intention of a healthier lifestyle, trying a plant-based diet is the way to go! And I want to help you with that!
I have listed a number of tasty, seasonal vegetables from February for you. This is how you start the new year healthy and sustainable!

Why eat seasonally?

Every vegetable and fruit has its season when it is ripest, most nutricious, tastes the best and costs the least!
Seasonal fruits and vegetables produced on local farms are also fresher, as they do not require long distances for transport, not to mention, better tasting and full of flavor.

What’s in season this month?

You can alternate the fresh seasonal vegetables of February with vegetables that are a sustainable choice all year round, such as leeks, beetroot, red cabbage, pointed cabbage, onion, chicory and white cabbage.
Jerusalem artichoke aka sunroot, sunchoke, wild sunflower, topinambur, or earth apple
Chinese cabbage
Black radish
Savoy cabbage
Lamb’s lettuce
[ Winter ] purslane
When it comes to fruit, February is the season for citrus – lemons, limes, oranges, mandarines and pomelo.

Cooked with by Magdalena Wrona.
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